Small children’s ears Cure this

It is very difficult for the young and the elderly to cope with ear pain. Ears infection is a non-limiting health problem, but an increased risk of eyebrows in a small child. Five out of 6 children point out that some of the children with deafness and other communicable diseases sometimes experience one-on-one pain before their third birthday. If you have a child’s ears, you need to be very careful about how to perform a simple treatment. This article aims to educate you about 10 possible straightforward and straightforward treatments to help you cope with eating disorders, including bacterial infections and other various causes.

Hot water

Immediately after the child gets a sore throat, inflammation of the hot water may be necessary. The heat exacerbates the ear pain and prevents growth from growing microorganisms.

Clean a clean cloth and put it in a warm, soaked hot water, well in the ears surrounding the hot water. After that, wait 10 minutes and continue again.
Another way to do this is to heat a cup of salt, and then wrap it in a cloth.
Make sure your child is comfortable with the way you feel comfortable.


By using hot water and cold water, the child’s ear can be relieved by pain. Cold water causes the pain of the nose to cause pain to the nerves.

Like the above, take a clean cloth and soak it in cold water and remove it for about 20 minutes. Then do this again on your own request. Instead of cold water you can use ice cube wafers to do this.


It is very effective to heal the malformed and antibiotic malformed baby’s ear pain.

Mix well with two small tablespoons mixed together with a small teaspoon of teaspoon and heat well. Roll about three drops of gall bladder after the fat is cooled. In this way you can do this simple treatment twice a day. Also, be sure to feed the child to a dip.

breast milk

Nutmegens contain natural antibodies that help relieve various infections like ear infections. From a child’s milk, the baby’s immunity can be properly developed by the child, and the mother’s nipple can be relieved by pain in the ear.

Olive oil

It is better to use olive oil if it does not cause any discharge from the ear, causing any harm to the earlobes.

Boil some olive oil and cool and cool. Roll the head of the child up and tap the drops about 3-5 cm. To keep the olive oil out of the ear, fasten the cotton ball on the ear. Treat this method twice a day.

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