Finding Free Help Desk Software

Pricing may vary and some companies, especially small businesses or start-ups, may be interested in free helpdesk programs.

For small businesses, downloading free help desk software may be ideal. Many companies do not offer free software for more than 100 computers, so if you have more work, you’ll need to buy a larger version.

Many companies offer free online help desk software. Most of these programs are downloadable, easy to install and relatively easy to use. One company,, offers an excellent free help desk software with almost daily updates.

As a business owner, you may have questions about using free help desk software. For example, how can companies make a profit while offering free products like this? Many help desk software providers limit the number of computers that can access the program, some with restrictions on the number of supported tickets and some programs supported by ad frames. For small businesses, these restrictions may not impede the intended use of the program. For others, it may be necessary to upgrade the account in order to have full access to a specific program.

Free Help Desk software programs typically offer the same features and functions as purchased software. Some features may include sharing trouble tickets with the entire support team, track the status of trouble tickets to ensure they are resolved, and manage tickets to ensure that they are routed to the right staff. Most free helpdesk programs are fully functional and provide companies with a comprehensive solution to their needs.

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